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Saturday, August 09, 2014

Belated Celta Thursday!

I'm so sorry, folks. I've been housesitting and not with my regular computer. Here's a belated Celta Thursday.

Celta Thursday: Cuts from Heart and Sword in the Hearts and Swords Collection:

"We’re lost," Kelse, the Captain just revived from the cryonics tube said.
"And we’re all dying. The crew doesn’t want to do their prescribed jobs. The ship is only automated to a certain extent," said Chloe, his exec who'd awakened him.
Something floated in Kelse’s memory, something about artificial intelligence and Nuada’s Sword, but it vanished with Chloe’s next words.
"The crew needs purpose," Chloe said.
"Who are our best astronavigators, astronomers?" Kelse asked.
"That’s the problem, we didn’t have many, maybe six. Julianna Ambroz is the best and she’s done everything she can. She’s currently the Captain of Arianrhod’s Wheel. Your wife, Fern, assisted our original astronomer...."
"I’m not having Fern awakened until this is all over." One way or the other. She could die in her sleep.
The thought that she’d die, they’d never have that future they fought for, stabbed him, made him wild inside, panic slid through his nerves and he grabbed is cup with white-knuckled force. He could not let that out. He’d known fear and panic and loss before and withstood it.


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