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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Heart Fortune Cut Scene, Jace at Social Club 3

The hostess walked up and gave him a pretty smile. "How is everything? Your food?" she asked.

He glanced up at her. Yes, she was the same general type as Glyssa and her sister and her mother. Noble. Refined. Bone deep knowledge of roots and ancestors and duty and Family.

This one had figured out he knew Laev T'Hawthorn and was worth her time and nice smile – and that destroyed the comparison again. Neither Glyssa nor her Family cared much about catering to nobles, their values were set solidly into helping all patrons of their libraries. Interesting people with intriguing questions or scholarship were who the Licorices prized.

And he was spending a lot of time trying to understand the Licorices – as if he could understand them, it might give him pieces of himself? Better to haul his attention back to the moment.

"My food is fine," he said. "But not as good as at T'Hawthorn's Residence, or Camellia D'Hawthorn's The Ladies' Tearoom." The woman's brows slightly lifted, her eyes warmed further, even holding feminine interest.

Jace despised himself for dropping the names just to make himself more comfortable in this setting.

She lowered her lashes, then swept them up with a smile that advanced to flirty. Interested in him because of his "connections," not himself. He got the distinct impression that she wouldn't mind a quick fling with him – as long as he introduced her to Camellia or Laev in a personal manner. Gah.

"You don't seem like the kind of man who frequents The Ladies' Tearoom," she said.

Feeling even more irritated with himself since he couldn't leave that damn statement alone, he shrugged. "Laev's choice of venue. It was pretty floral." He didn't intend to explain more.


Before he knew it, a truth was wrung from him. "That Laev T'Hawthorn can maneuver you into some interesting places." Jace looked around. "Like here." He was sure he didn't add that the club wasn't his kind of place, she already believed that and overlooked it. Judging from her, too snobbish and definitely not lively enough.

"I don't belong to any clubs here in the city. I'm usually out of town," he said. "Does Raz Elecampane have a membership here?" he asked. Maybe if that man did, Jace wouldn't feel so out of place – and who was he kidding? Raz came from a noble background himself, as did Del, had a huge amount of wealth.

"T'Elecampane comes in now and then when he's in town," she answered. "But, of course, the club he prefers is The Thespian Club."

"Of course." She was right, Jace couldn't see Raz Elecampane hanging around this place much. He thought about how active the Thespian Club might be. That sounded good. He thought about how emotionally dramatic it might be. That, Jace could do without.

The woman smiled and nodded but Jace continued to stare into his heavy crystal glass of whiskey and she left. Good. TO BE CONTINUED


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