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Saturday, October 06, 2012

Brain Stop

Brain Stop. I'm almost finished with the novella currently titled Wild At Heart. No, it is not set in Celta. It's the shapeshifting hero (panther) and heroine who had a near-death-experience and can talk to cats, set in Denver. Here's the taste again:

So I was transcribing dictation something like: "As they reached the living room- dining room, Brandy saw the dimensional portal sensor glowing red...."

I wanted to insert this into Chapter 8. Opening wordperfect, I clicked on Chapter 8 and it began: "Glyssa waited until no one walked the hard earth of the camp pathways before she went to the cleansing tent. The waterfall in her pavilion took more water than she was comfortable hogging."

My. Brain. Just. Stopped.

Two stories, two universes colliding.

I panted. Eventually, the rational side of the brain stated: This is the default working folder, which is, of course, set to be HEART FORTUNE.

Much staring, then a political ad came up on Pandora (is noting sacred?) between Duke Ellington's In A Mellotone and Mendelssohn's Song Without Words and jolted me out of the freeze.

I no longer have the luxury of working on one book at a time. I MUST get more work out there, and published electronically, but I prefer to work on one story in the morning and the other in the afternoon, or alternate days.

This clashing of worlds hurt my head.

But today I am in the mountain of Denver, ready to battle a tiger (evil villainess), save a baby, in the climax...then the hero and heroine have a climax of their own.

The novella will run under 30K words, shorter than any of the stories in Hearts and Swords except Heart Story itself. Hopefully I will finish it today and it will be published near December. I'd like to do a series of novellas with this hero and heroine.

That's it for me, now on to brain-testing work.


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