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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Gafiate, Gaf-i-ate, Gaf-FEE-ate

That's sf/f fanspeak for Get Away From It All. One can "cocoon" at home, or even gafiate at home, but one can also gafiate away from home.

I'm going a short ways from home into a small mountain town to do some research. I've just paid. It doesn't look as if the hotel has wi-fi or internet. Don't know if anything else does either.

That means I probably won't post here THURSDAY OR FRIDAY. I'll be back Saturday afternoon. Yes, I know, withdrawal for all of us.

Just me and the computer and hard copy and books. There's a spa in the town so I may wander over for a scrub or a wrap. I don't know why but I love wraps. Or a mud bath. Gonna check that out today or tomorrow. One of my heroines will be coming in from the wild and will definitely want a spa experience.

A little shaky. The money isn't big, and being away two and a half days shouldn't harm the cats, but still...

May you relax today...and tomorrow and tomorrow....


Anonymous a reader said...

for a refreshing laugh:
Fat cats:your pictures at
Hope you are having a wonderful time and tell us about it when you are back.

3:27 PM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...



12:12 PM  

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