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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Inner Child and Writing

I firmly believe that the creative process lives in your inner child. That's why try and keep my workspace fun, have different colors and sounds on my machine "Whinnnng (arrow thudding into door) 'Message for you, Sire.').

An outgrowth of this idea (and living alone with Cats), is that when I read and revise my own books and the big moments or turn of phrase still please me, I can act out. Marrec said something VERY hero-ly (had to for a section ending/hook), and I was out of tea, so I got up and strode around like a WWW guy, flexing my muscles, doing the stance, repeating the sentence. ;)

I was coming up to a big turning point, (hopefully) leading the reader to think sex is coming and BANG! (not sex, but DANGER). End of chapter, so I lift my pen and pump my fists. POW! POW! POW!

Yeah. If you like your work, enjoy your story, have fun with it.

May your writing bring you pleasure today.


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