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Monday, July 05, 2010

Why Can't Acer Put Up User Manuals on It's Website?

I got a new Aspire 5732Z and there is no user manual around, no where. Not for free. There are other companies that will sell, and companies that pretend you can download for free but can't (or even have trojans or viri or whatever in their software). Urg.

Ok, I bought a cheap computer, but the Dell motherboard crashed and it was 7 years old. I bought what I could afford.


And I BELIEVED all those Windows 7 commercials that said it was easy. It is NOT. I still can't figure out how to have Duration (music) or Size in my details view (I check chapters for size).

I keep thinking that the learning curves for these things should get easier, not harder...and, really, don't get me started on the Search function...but my Windows 7 for Dummies is on it's way...

Take care and may your day be error free.


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