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Monday, July 12, 2010

What Next? Pantzer -- OOS Writer

Yes, I am a Pantzer, one who writes by the seat of her pants and with only a vague idea of the outline or synopsis (I do sell on synopsis, so that is the story I try to stick to. Things Change).

But lately I've been thinking about the story I'm working on before I fall asleep. What next? For instance, I have two subplots for Heart Search. One is for Laev, the hero. The other is for Camellia, the heroine. It is Chapter 8 and Camellia has been avoiding her subplot (ok, the relationship is set up, the characters got Fams, Laev's subplot is going fine, and I introduced the next hero, Garret Primross, Private Eye).

So, what's next is Camellia's subplot that involves the starship, and a visit to Nuada's Sword.

Think of it as a braid. Now this subplot is the one appearing on top.

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