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Friday, March 27, 2009

Cut, Cut, Cut

I have been informed that Heart Change was too long so it has been cut. I DO trust my editor, but in page count that book wasn't as long as Heart Fate. So I think that I have been writing long for most of my books, but now the economy has caught up with me and I will no longer be able to skate the far edge of page count.

Sigh. I DID cut beforehand, and now I'm not sure exactly how long is "too long." So I'm waiting.

It IS easier for others to see what can be cut rather than the author, and that's one of the things good editors do.

Looking back on the manuscript, I can think of a scene or two that can be cut because they are setting up for books down the line that may never be bought. Bits that are not really necessary for this particular story. So I may not be foreshadowing as much in the future.

Also, I did have several Passages in this book (Avellana's) and I had Passages in Heart Fate, so those may have been cut.

I am not an author who thinks her words/scenes/chapters are set in stone (but I do like my cuts, thus the READS and WORLDS pages on my website). I WILL have to see the cuts to make sure that no payoffs are dropped and choreography works.

Bottom line, this means there may be a lot more work than I'd anticipated...

And, of course, I tend to worry instead of just accept things as they come. It will be fine. The cuts will go on the website for others, no story line will be screwed up...

May you live in the moment today.

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