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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Online Writers Communities

Yes, I've decided to join a writers community instead of hanging out all by myself. I DO have a pointer up at sff net and may do the same at NovelTalk, but I've joined a new place called Access Romance http://www.accessromance.com . I looked at many and really was concerned about service and price. But what charmed me with Access Romance was the colors (you can tell by my website and this blog that I like color) and that they were new and small.

Their service has been wonderful.

I made the decision because there is more power in numbers than by myself. They have a newsletter that will plug me, and I'll have a separate newsletter of my own. They will handle my mailing list. I am EXTREMELY poor at handling my mailing list.

Those of you on my personal newsletter know it doesn't go out monthly. That won't change. If you need a monthly dose of me (or more likely, Celta or Lladrana -- the Worlds), you can visit my site which I update monthly...at least sometime in the month, more about that tomorrow. You get doses of me here daily. Since I dislike receiving monthly writer newsletters when nothing is really happening, I don't do them. Access Romance understands that and has been extremely tolerant and flexible.

So, should you go with an online community? It depends how much time you have to spend on your website, how well you can do it -- and how you feel about being "alone." I think there's more power in gathering with others of like mind, and the monthly update and daily blog are about the only things that I can do personally in my full schedule right now.

BTW, there are forms to join my occasional mailing list and to enter my monthly contest. So if you want to drop by Access Romance, or my site with the new forms, please do.

I'll tell you all about the update tomorrow.

Love to all,


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