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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Belated Celta Thursday: Heart Duel's Cover

Belated Celta Thursday: Heart Duel Cover story: Below is the Heart Duel cover I have in my files. I never got the revised version that ended up on the book. When I wrote Heart Duel, I left a spot in my manuscript that read [describe sword on cover art here] which apparently flummoxed the copy editor and made my editor laugh when she told me about it. I think I got cover flats so I could change the description from a round diamond to a ruby in the final page proofs.

All the online stores and ebooks have the cover below, only the mass market paperbook copies have the ruby cover. The description in the book is: Holm summoned the ceremonial HollyHeir sword from his suite. The intricate hand guard and central ruby gleamed. “I see you are collecting swords today,” Holm said.


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