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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Script of the Heart Cut

Script of the Heart Cut:
This is a rough draft of a scene I’d planned between Johns and Del D’Elecampane (heroine of Heart Journey), some of this passage DID make it into the book, but I ended up not writing a scene at the Garden Party that I’d originally contemplated.
Date: 27th-32 of Vine
His perscry rang…his standard tune for unknown callers. He picked it up (from where?) and rubbed his thumb on it. Del Elecampane’s narrow face sprang into holographic view, her blond hair springing in cheerful contrast to her serious expression and a line between her brows.

“Greetyou, Johns. I’d like to meet with you.”

Absolutely no flirting on either of their parts. Seeing her and Raz Cherry together yesterday at breakfast at the Thespian Club had clued him in that the pair were lovers. Even more, though Raz hadn’t seemed to know this, they were HeartMates.

But he liked her, a solid, honest woman, so he gifted her with his best smile.

She didn’t seem to notice, which made him grin. “What can I do for you?”

“You’re interested in this play by Amberose.”

“That’s right,” he said cautiously.

“New, important play that can make careers?” she asked, then murmured. “I like her work as long as she doesn’t do deep drama and angst.”

“I’ve heard the script described as a romantic suspense,” he paused, then added. “With the villains caught and happy endings all around.”

“Two romantic couples. And the leading lady someone like Lily Fescue,” Del repeated what Johns had told her the morning before.

“Yeah, but as I said, Amberose is demanding artistic control at the moment and no standard producer will do the show with such strings attached.”

Spacing her words, Del asked, “Do you know where I might find Amberose’s agent?”

A spark of hope firerocketed through Johns. “Formal or informal setting?”

Her head tilted. “I think, informal?” Another question as if she asked his advice on a meeting.

“Sounds good.” Johns culled through all the gossip he’d heard in the last day. “Pretty sure Amberose’s new agent will be at a garden party this afternoon.” He pulled up his calendarsphere, he’d been invited, and reeled off the information to Del.

“Many thanks, later” she signed off.

He’d heard the gossip about the mapmaker, friends of one of the FirstFamilies, connected to them by Family somehow. And very, very wealthy in her own right. And she was Raz’s HeartMate…
Johns didn’t know much about HeartMates. He didn’t have one, though he couldn’t imagine loving any woman more than he did Giniana, of bonding with anyone closer.
He met with Del that evening?** [one of the mornings after she and Raz had returned from Gael City]. Always confident, wearing her manner of knowledge that she was the best mapmaker on Celta, she still moved differently. She glowed with an inner fire

She’d be changing her life on the road to compromise with Raz. She wanted to give him what he wanted,


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