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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Avellana's Story Part 5:

Avellana Story part 5: Then Avellana and Muin proceeded through the cathedral until they both stepped out into the large area of the intersection of the cross arms. Their gazes met and they watched each other until they reached the center altar. Muin moved with muscular grace, and was *hers.*

Her hands rose to clasp with his at the same instant as his reached for hers.

She met his eyes and noticed a line had sketched above his nose. She had to banish it, so she let what she felt flow through her— more carefree than ever in her life— and she grinned, sending effervescent joy down their bond, urged him to accept that and let it cycle through him so he could return it to her.
Keeping her gaze locked on his, she said, “No worries. Our future together is brilliant.”

He hesitated, his lips curving slightly, then repeated, “Our future together is brilliant.”

Pulling her hands from his, she threw herself into his arms. “We’ll meet the future together.”

“Yes.” He kissed her and as their mouths merged, she sensed the dazzle of visions swirling through her brain, and, for her, they all sparkled. She laughed into his mouth and he broke the kiss to look into her eyes and laugh with her.

He shook his head. “Sparkling visions. I haven’t had such.”

She hugged him tightly. “Stick with me.”

“I always have and always will.”

She tried to shake him, but he didn’t move much, strong and solid Muin. “I love you, HeartMate.”

“My love and my HeartMate.” He closed his eyes but his lashes dampened. “Finally. I love you, Avellana.”

He hadn’t opened his eyes. She sank against him, yet felt the colorful swirl of Flair and visions through him. Something tickled…


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