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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Avellana Story Part 3:

“I think I am most in need of energy from Custos, the Guardian Spirit today.” She turned in Muin’s arms and hugged him. “We were very blessed today, to have survived.” Her throat tightened with tears and she cleared it. “So I wish to thank the Guardian Spirit and renew my faith in it.”

“I understand.” Muin let her go, then ran a hand down her head, a tender smile on his lips. “I think I have been a responsible adult for...a very long time, lately. I will take the path of the Innocent Child and meet you in the center of the cathedral.”

Avellana nodded. She glanced around. “No gliders or public carriers are here, so there are no tourists, and the daily services took place two septhours ago. I believe only one Chief Minister is inside, probably working in an office.”

He lifted her hand and kissed her fingers, and that tender smile turned into one he saved only for her, and she could return it, feeling the love for him showing in her eyes, perhaps radiating from her whole being.

With an inclination of his body, GreatLord to GreatLady, he withdrew his hand, then turned and strode to the southwest entrance to the cathedral, as she walked to the southeast.

The large wooden double doors swung open as she neared, since she belonged to the faith. Muin would have to use spell or muscle to open his doors.
Though less than two years old, the cathedral already held an enveloping peace and spirituality that resonated wtih her.


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