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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Celta Thursday, HeartMate original cover

Celta Thursday. It's 105 in Denver and I have a 2nd floor office in a house with no a/c. I am pleased with my (continuing) progress on Script of the Heart, but I wanted to post a Celta Thursday...and I love talking about covers, and each one of my covers has a story. Here's the ORIGINAL HeartMate cover, SO DATED...but it had the cat. That was the first thing my editor emailed me about, "Send pictures of Zanth." :) As you can see, it was in a line Jove called "Magical Love." The "magical" object had to be in the center of the cover, thus T'Ash is wearing his own HeartGift, the necklace. What else I can give you: the pics I sent of Zanth (Maddox), the general look of T'Ash Residence, a photo of Princess/Pansy. :) Next week, the HeartMate cover reissue.


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