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Thursday, November 09, 2017

Celta Thursday, Story Excerpt, Zanth Saves The Day

I'm writing Cat point of view stories, for a collection, hopefully to get out this month. This is the last story: Zanth Saves the Day (no, I'm not done with the others).

Snippet from Zanth Saves The Day:
Beach of T’Ash’s New Southern Estate, 424 Years After Colonization, Summer

Inside the hole roiled a mass of little beings crawling over shell shards, appearing a bit more slimy than he cared to touch.

Lifting his upper lip of his muzzle, he looked at them with a disapproving eye. Very ugly things.

Mostly shell, maybe even too tough to eat already.

Heellllppp!” the things chorused, moving the limbs sticking out from their body shells awkwardly.

And as the words echoing in his mind, his stomach squeezed in revulsion. Bad taste in his mouth, a tickle at the bottom of his throat like he’d vomit. Which meant he couldn’t eat them because they were sentient FamAnimals. Or could be FamAnimals if they grew more.


Blogger AZmtngrl said...

Oh wow! Can't wait for this collection to come out!

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