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Friday, July 07, 2017

Heart Sight Excerpt and Cover Contest

Belated Celta Thursday Heart Sight Excerpt: The doors to the fighting area of The Green Knight Fencing and Fighting Salon opened and Avellana caught a glimpse of other Hollys—Tinne Holly, who owned The Green Knight, and his older brother Holm, the heir to the man who walked beside her.

With a quick glance, she determined that her Muin and T’Ash were the only other FirstFamily titleholders here.

T’Holly walked her over to the fat rolled mats that served as seats for observers and bowed himself away, joining the other fighters at the line. A groan went up.Avellana had heard that now and then he could beat his sons and be the fighter of Celta once more.The results of his broken Vow of Honor had lingered longer than anyone would have anticipated.

She wiggled her butt until she felt solid and comfortable, and met Muin’s gaze, smiling.He stood at the line on the far side of the room.

Irritation sizzled through Vinni.

As soon as some of his friends and allies saw Avellana walk in on T’Holly’s arm, they moved from their previous positions around the room to crowd next to him to be in her line of sight.

Oh, yeah, he knew what would happen now.They’d try to take him down before his HeartMate, make him look worse than he was.A sharp elbow got him in the ribs as Barton Clover pushed next to him and gave him a wide and toothy smile.Vinni gritted his teeth.

Yeah, there were guys he knew he couldn’t beat, including Barton—the three Holly men, the older GreatLord T’Ash . . . at least T’Marigold and T’Blackthorn were out of town.He wouldn’t make the top five, but he’d be in the top nine.
The bell dinged and the melee began.

Fresh and humming with energy, Vinni spurted away from those who wanted to take him down immediately, headed for targets of his own that he knew he could beat.

Tried to move away from thought to that place where only physical action mattered and his body ruled.Engaged in combat.

Yeah, winning, winning.Defeated both of his own guards, and, no, they didn’t let him win.

This one, tough fight, too long grappling, but won!

*Behind you!* Avellana alerted.

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