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Friday, June 30, 2017

Celta Thursday (Belated): Heart Sight Cast of Characters

The Hazels:

Avellana Hazel (heroine), 2nd daughter of D’Hazel and T’Hazel
Rhyz, Avellana’s Familiar Companion FamCat
GreatLady Coll D’Hazel, Avellana’s mother
GreatLord Chess T’Hazel, Avellana’s father
Coll HazelHeir, Avellana’s sister

The Vines

GreatLord Muin (Vinni) T’Vine (hero!), FirstFamily GreatLord, the Prophet of Celta
Flora, Vinni’s Familiar Companion Housefluff
Arcto Vine, Tutor
Bifrona Vine, Housekeeper, matriarch of the Vines

Vine Guards:
Duan Dewberry Vine (Chief of Guards)

Southern Vines:
Bicknell Vine
Perna Vine
Baby Vine

And sundry cousins, including several cooks…

Garrett Primross, Private Investigator, liaison between the FirstFamilies and the Druida City Guards
(hero of Heart Secret)
Ilex Winterberry, Captain of the Druida City Guards (hero of Heart Quest)

Other Important Characters:

Gwydion Ash, second son of T’Ash and D’Ash
Antenn Blackthorn-Moss (hero of Heart Fire), Architect and friend of Vinni and Avellana
Tiana Mugwort Blackthorn-Moss (heroine of Heart Fire) Priestess and friend of Vinni and Avellana
Cal Marigold - a boy who is the reincarnation of Tab Holly
GrandLord (FirstFamilies) Draeg T’Yew, fighter, consort of Loridana
GrandLady (FirstFamilies) Loridana D’Yew, personal armor crafter

And cameo appearances by various others!


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