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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Celta Thursday, sneak preview of portions of Chapter 1, Heart Sight (yes it has been cut for this posting):

A small artist’s colony on an equally small island had kept Avellana safe for three months. But to prevail upon her to stay, he must finesse the situation.

...He stood and watched her create her holo mural in the small temple....He’d gotten a sweet jolt at the sight of her, as usual, even though those big blue eyes hadn’t been aimed his way. He appreciated how the light touched a streak of white in her medium brown hair, a lock at her left temple that had appeared after her last Passage to free her Flair.

Her old and comfortable clothes didn’t display her curves well, but he knew the feel of her.

Brow furrowed, her hand curved in a wavy motion. A line of textured color deepened the bark of the Ash tree in the center of the GreatLabyrinth. He sucked in his breaths gently, let them out quietly, knowing better to disturb her focus when in the midst of creative expression.

The fact she created a holo for the temple piqued his curiosity. She’d left the dominant faith of Celta two years before, the one that worshiped the Divine Couple, the Lord and the Lady. Avellana had become an adherent of the Intersection of Hope religion. That creed had developed on the starships during the centuries-long trip from Earth to Celta.

He found it surprising that she sat in the middle of CircleTemple. But, on the other hand, she’d only been here on the island for a few months. Not enough time to design and have an Intersection of Hope chapel built, even if she found other devotees.

She stared at her work, finally nodded and added the deep purple curlicue of her signature, then glanced at him. Of course she’d sensed when he’d arrived on the island, stood in the doorway, even if he’d masked his emotions.

“One moment, Muin, while I finish my project, please,” she said coolly.

He did visit her at least once a week when she resided outside Druida City, but she wouldn’t have expected him tonight since she’d be back at her Family home, D’Hazel Residence, the next morning.

With a glance at him, her fingers snapped and all the three-dimensional holographic paintings and murals in the Temple activated. He missed a couple of steps toward her as he staggered through one of the Lady and Lord planting a garden. He swore he could smell the rich herbs, the equally fertile dark brown earth.

A joyful dancing tune began and echoed through the huge temple chamber.....He stared at the two-meter sized, exquisite mural that only Avellana could have done.
She gestured for him to join her by her side and he did so.
Her holo was a perfect lower half-sphere reflecting the actual bowl of the GreatLabyrinth to the north of Druida City. Studying it, she brought her hands from shoulder width together, and the painting collapsed upward on itself until it appeared like a two dimensional rendition, hanging vertically. She stepped back a couple of paces and he matched her strides.

Then she angled the painting to horizontal and pushed it down until it touched the floor and the center round stone, and matched the keystone in size. Muttering encouraging words to herself under her breath that Vinni couldn’t quite catch, she sank her painting into the stone, so the top of the stone showed her work. Long minutes passed and sweat beaded her forehead.

With the lightest brush of his fingers, Vinni touched her temple and whisked the excess moisture away. She chanted a couplet, fast and loud, that rang in his ears, shouted, “Engrave and Set In Stone!” and clapped her hands. Flair surged through the room, knocking Vinni back a step, sending shudders rippling through his body. Secondary creative psi power or not, Avellana matched him in the potency of her Flair.

She moved back to the middle of the temple and crouched down, scrutinizing the circular center stone that now showed her painting. It looked perfect to Vinni. She turned and grinned at him, nearly danced to him, the satisfaction of fulfilled creativity limning her face.


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Want it now!!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!!!! Please more sneak before book out in Dec.

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