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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


My desk lamp, a light that uses a full spectrum bulb, has gone out. I have been writing more at night, but now, with the overhead ceiling light, this is just odd.

As I say in my Survive To Write Seminars (How to hang in there until you're published), environment is a big deal, especially in triggering your brain to know that it's Writing Time.

Not, of course, that I didn't use this, at least last night, as rationalization not to write. I had finished my daily minimum but didn't make the next goal.

Today I hope to spend less time frittering (and handling essential family matters, but that might not happen) and write more during the day. I'm recovering from a cold, so I'm pacing myself.

The bulb is on the way, and gray and snowy or not, I will use whatever light I have to write.

May all the light you experience today please you.


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